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Which Course is Best for Me?

For each course students are issued with a textbook and a login to access the learning materials online


Anytime someone has a question about the program they can email, phone, or text their trainer for help. We are a small Registered Training Organisation (RTO 41553) and are very student-focused and are able to respond to any student very quickly. 

     COSTS (as of 2018)

$1995 for the Certificate IV in TESOL (10695NAT)

$3495 for the Diploma of TESOL (10668NAT)

The cost to start studies in either the Diploma or the Certificate IV is $795 upfront and then $300 dollar every two months until the course is paid. 


Students are provided with all study materials via the Learner Management System and a hard copy of the course's textbook inclusive in their initial course payment. Students are able to request a hard copy of assessment materials in a folder for an additional fee of $100 AUD (optional only for students who prefer not to study online).


There are no additional fees and QIE never accepts pre-payments of more than $1500



Discounts/Scholarships on studies can be extended to people in the following situations:


  • Existing EFL/ESL teachers

  • Volunteers/Missionaries/Need-Greaters who are teaching overseas to support their volunteer work

  • Those with: access to a suitable practice teaching environment 

  • People who already hold a Nationally recognised Certificate IV in TESOL and/or a CELTA and want to upgrade to a Diploma of TESOL

  • People enrolling with a study buddy or in a group

  • Other special circumstances


If you feel you meet one of the above criteria, please write a letter to The Director, Queensland Institute of English and email it to admissions@qietesol.net 


These costs cover the entire course; we will also assist enrolled students to find a place to host for a practicum. Any student has 2 years to complete their course after enrolling.


Please feel free to call one of our trainers on 0435 399 221 and we would be happy to discuss the course and provide any additional information (a lot of people ask questions about RPL and/or Credit)


There are many options to study for each individual - Below is a summary of what each course is good for:

Certificate IV in TESOL (10695NAT)

  • Professional Certificate qualification

  • Accredited, nationally recognised training

  • The Certificate IV complements those who already have a Degree and/or need to meet minimal entry-level requirements in the ELICOS industry in Australia*.

  • The Certificate IV is also a valuable qualification to assist with overseas teaching. 


Diploma of TESOL (10688NAT) 

  • Premier Vocational Education qualification

  • Accredited, nationally recognised training.

  • Is sought after by reputable international schools with higher standards of teacher*.

  • A professional English teaching qualification that includes 5 specialisation subjects. 


Certificate IV TESOL to Diploma of TESOL upgrade - Contact us if you already have a Certificate IV TESOL and would like to apply for RPL/Credit towards a Diploma


* See ELICOS Standards 2018 for minimum entry requirements for English Language Teachers in ELT/ELICOS centres in Australia. 


If you have any questions about the TESOL industry, or about pathways to become qualified, we would be happy to discuss over the phone on 0435 399 221.